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Research project Trafo 3.0: developing a model for socio-ecological transformation processes in practice

Development and trial in three fields pf application

How can transformations towards sustainability be initiated and supported? The Oeko-Institut is working with partners in the field on the research project Trafo 3.0 to answer this question and develop recommendations for putting the lessons into practice. Along with utilising theoretical approaches, the project works on already initiated transformations in three concrete fields of application: paperless printing and reading, the use of e-bikes in urban and regional mobility, and the sustainable production and consumption of meat. 




Challenges, paths to success and design of socio-ecological transformation processes

Final conference of the projects Trafo 3.0 and Evolution2Green:
Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 9:00 - 17:30 hrs

Conference Centre, Lindenstr. 85, D-10969 Berlin

How can energy, transport or agricultural turnaround be promoted?
How can transformation processes that are linked to ambitious sustainability goals be designed despite complexity and resistance?
In lectures, interactice workshops and a panel discussion, research results of both projects will be presented and discussed with interested stakeholders. The current draft of the program and the possibility of registration can be found on the conference website.